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to widen Ranford Road Bridge to eight lanes

Terry Healy believes Ranford Road bridge is a bottle neck that
forces traffic to merge from three lanes to two lanes. This causes
serious congestion and longer travel times, which means delays
in getting home to our families and friends.

As you know Terry Healy and Mark McGowan are delivering on
their promise to build the Thornlie-Cockburn Link, with two new
train stations at Ranford Road and Nicholson Road in Canning

As part of the works for the Ranford Road station, there is an
opportunity to widen Ranford Road bridge from four lanes
to eight lanes, including one bus lane in either direction. This
project will bust congestion and future-proof an important part
of our road network. We ask you to support this plan, and are hoping to see the completion of construction by the end of 2023.

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